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Weekend Lounge Sponsorship

Part Number SPON-005
Weekend Lounge Sponsorship
Weekend Lounge Sponsorship
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Weekend Lounge Sponsorship - $25

Receive ample recognition as a sponsor of Martini in the Morning weekend programming.  

Weekends are a great way to reach listeners who appreciate anyone who sponsors MITM and keeps "Our Music" on the radio.  

Sponsors are guaranteed at least 7 sponsor mentions (:15-:20 of copy) each day, Saturday and Sunday.  And because MITM Weekend Lounge listeners spend to spend most of the weekend tuned in to the station, they will likely hear your message multiple times - the greater the frequency, the greater the retention - the greater the retention, the more likelihood of the listener acting on your message.

Sponsorships will be filled on a first come first served basis.  Once you purchase your sponsorship, please email [email protected] with suggested verbiage for your announcements.

We will review your request and if the days are not available, we will contact you to work out alternate days.